Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Entrepreneur Time management

I believe that one of the greatest challenges faced by entrepreneurs is using time effectively. I have started logging my hours into excel and have been surprised at how little I was accomplishing. I have read Steven R Covey's First Things First and Brain Tracy's Focal Point which both really made an impact on my time usage. I have been keeping track of my time in 30 min intervals. This will help me see how my time is being used and in some cases wasted. Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of freedom but successful entrepreneurs will closely watch how they are spending their time. I know that by planning out our day in 30 minute intervals will allow you to live a more full life and dedicate more time to what is effective and what is truly important. Entrepreneurs need to learn to manage their time. Good Luck.


At 11:19 AM, Blogger JT Keller said...

Keeping track of anything in a certain manner can be helpful. As we see how we send our resources, whatever they may be we become more conscious one where they go. Time is one of the most valuable resources we have. Some say the they never have enough time, and yet waste the time they have. I like to think along the idea the we always have time for what we make time for. Good Luck with your dreams.


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